Giving birth to a baby can be one of life’s most exciting experiences. However, this experience also has the potential to become a Self Funded plan’s largest single cost: the birth of a premature infant. With this in mind, Innovative Care Management developed its Healthy Mother Baby Program in 1992 to promote a healthy and active attitude among pregnant enrollees. With a combination of personal contact from a highly-trained nurse and educational support materials, our Healthy Mother Baby Program is able to encourage expectant mothers to take the necessary steps to promote the likelihood of delivering a healthy baby.

Cost savings

At a cost frequently in excess of $300,000 per occurrence, the birth of a premature infant is a serious consideration for Self Funded plans and Stop Loss carriers alike. With the Healthy Mother Baby Program, a proactive option is available to minimize this risk, while at the same time providing an extremely useful and appreciated resource for members. Compared to the CDC national average statistics on Premature Deliveries, Innovative Care Management’s HMB program stands out in its ability to reduce the financial risk to our clients.

Program description

Potential participants for this program are identified through a variety of sources: communication pieces promoting the program, maternity-related claims received by the claims administrator, or sometimes through information taken by our Preauthorization Staff. If the patient is between 12 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother is contacted by one of our Perinatal Nurse Case Managers, given some information regarding the program, and asked if she would like to enroll. Once enrolled, expectant mothers are monitored during their pregnancy and after delivery to ensure that they and their child receive the services they need for a successful outcome. While our focus is on educating the expectant mother, we may also coordinate services with the patient’s physician. Enrollment in the program entitles the mother to receive a number of services and materials, including:

  • Risk level determination through early screening
  • Monthly nurse contact with patient
  • Counseling and pregnancy education
  • Educational Materials
  • Free Video & Book Library
  • Follow-up contact regarding breast feeding, well baby, and preventative care

Many of our plans provide incentives for the mother to participate in the program, which has been found to be a most effective tool in boosting enrollment. Typically, a gift certificate is mailed to the mother at the end of her pregnancy, which often goes toward the purchase of a car seat or other necessary item for the newborn. Alternative incentives include giving a savings bond in the child’s name and/or paying for the childbirth class expenses. Innovative Care Management typically administrates whatever incentive the employer chooses, and the employer is subsequently billed for the additional cost of these incentives.

The Healthy Mother Baby team

Our Healthy Mother Baby Program aims to ensure that expectant mothers have the best information and advice available, and to that end, Innovative Care Management currently has certified registered nurses specializing in maternal and newborn health, running the program. With the aid of a dedicated Healthy Mother Baby Assistant, our team is able to provide efficient, quality care to our maternity patients.