The Disease Management Program is designed to provide your enrollees with supplementary information and educational resources on how to care for themselves when dealing with a chronic medical condition. An Innovative Care Management (ICM) nurse works closely with high risk individuals, their families, and their physician’s to ensure that they have the information and support that they need to effectively manage their chronic medical condition.

Cost savings

Statistics indicate the average person spends thousands per year on health care. Those with chronic diseases spend as much as 7 times the amount every year. More effective self-management skills significantly impact these costs. Disease Management nurses provide comprehensive individualized instruction to employees, including education about maintaining a healthy diet, information on appropriate exercise, and smoking cessation assistance. The goal of ICM”s Disease Management Program is to promote enhanced employee self-care.

Program description

Candidates for the program are identified by quarterly Pharmacy Review as well as by our Preauthorization and Utilization Management departments. Sometimes, the TPA or Employer may notify us of potential disease management candidates. All high risk Disease Management enrollees receive telephonic outreach and customized mailed educational literature from one of our highly trained Disease Management nurses. The following illnesses are covered under ICM’s Disease Management Program:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Emphysema

All Disease Management candidates receive mailed educational literature upon initial enrollment in ICM’s Disease Management Program. Subsequent educational literature is then sent every four months. These include offers of nursing assistance to those enrollees who were not determined to be high risk candidates, as well as general educational materials about the enrollee’s chronic condition.