ICM’s Telehealth 24 x 7 Doctor Line provides ICM’s clients real time access to US-based and licensed physicians in all 50 states. Telehealth services are the fastest growing health service in the country, providing patients with access to care on an immediate basis. According to the Wellness Council of America, 70% of all physician visits can be handled over the phone and 40% of urgent care visits can be managed using telehealth. Additionally, when deemed medically necessary, our physicians can prescribe approved medications to your local pharmacy. (state/federal guidelines apply and only medications approved by the company are allowed).

Through this service patients can potentially avoid high cost visits to emergency rooms and clinics while receiving care from qualified physicians and specialists.

Cost savings

Today’s consumer cannot get easy and reliable access to healthcare. The average appointment wait time for all specialties is 18.5 days and the wait time for an appointment with a family practice doctor is 19.5 days. In situations where care is needed immediately, patients rely on high cost treatment from emergency departments. Our product allows immediate access to a physician at a cost effective rate of $30 per call, avoiding lengthy wait times for appointments and urgent care providers.

Compared to the average costs of on-site care visits, the 24 x 7 Telehealth is an effective, immediate and cost effective solution. Office visits with physicians range from $100 to $400, and Emergency Room visits cost in excess of $1,000.

Program description

Our physician network* is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with patients experiencing an average of 16 minutes wait time to speak with a physician. All physicians are U.S.-based and licensed using NCQA standards and have an average of 10 years of experience. They include emergency medicine physicians, family medicine physicians, pediatricians, and board-certified specialists in all 50 states. All calls are toll free with bi-lingual care team representatives available as necessary.

Call process

  • Patient call intake by Patient Care Team
  • Physician call back to patient
  • Physician implementation of care (to include prescriptions if appropriate)
  • Physician update to secure patient portal
  • Follow-up call to patient within 48 hours to determine satisfaction
  • Referral to appropriate ICM services as necessary

Quarterly reporting

ICM will report utilization and other key metrics of the Telehealth 24 x 7 Doctor Line on a quarterly basis to the Health Plan. More frequent reporting is available upon request.

*Telehealth services are provided through a partnership with a nationally recognized telehealth provider and not by ICM employees.