For the second year in a row, ICM has been awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility. We’re very proud of the environment we’ve created at ICM and it’s very excited to be recognized by our employees, Families and Work Institute(FWI), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

About the 2013 Sloan Awards

In 2012, hundreds of organizations applied for the Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility, resulting in 352 winning worksites. Since 2005, the Sloan Awards have been recognizing model employers of all types and sizes across the U.S. for their innovative and effective workplace practices.

The Sloan Awards are part of When Work Works, a research-based initiative to highlight how effective and flexible workplaces can yield positive business results and help employees succeed at work and at home. When Work Works is a joint partnership between Families and Work Institute (FWI) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The Sloan Award is a site-based award. For employers with more than one location, it is the local worksite that applies for the award

When Work Works’ community/state partners recognize its winners at their individual awards event. At-Large award winners receive recognition at the annual Workflex Conference.

All applicants receive a Sloan Award Benchmarking Report on Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility comparing their employer and employee responses to other award applicants and winners, and to nationally representative samples. Winners are profiled in the annual Guide to Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work.

2013 Application Process and Scoring Criteria

Using a rigorous scoring methodology that emphasizes the real life experiences of employees and incorporates national benchmarks for employer practices, the Sloan Awards honor organizations that are using workplace flexibility as a strategy to make work “work” better—for both the employer and the employee. The application process takes place in two rounds.

In Round I, employers apply by completing an online questionnaire about the flexibility programs and practices at their worksite. For employers with more than one location, it is the local site that applies. Employers may submit multiple applications to apply for different worksites. Responses provided by the employer are then measured against a nationally representative sample of employers, based on Families and Work Institute’s ongoing National Study of Employers. Employers that rank among the top 20% of employers in the U.S., when compared with this national data, are selected as finalists and move on to Round II. Official applications must be submitted online.

In Round II, employers are invited to have their employees complete a questionnaire, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, that asks about their individual use of and experiences with flexibility and other aspects of an effective workplace, the supportiveness of their workplace culture and whether they perceive any negative consequences for using flexibility at their workplace. For organizations with fewer than 250 employees at the worksite, all employees are surveyed. For larger worksites, a random sample of 250 employees is sampled. Of those surveyed, a 40% response rate is required.

The final scoring heavily weights the experience of employees. While one third of the final score depends on the employers’ responses, two thirds of the score is determined by the employees’ responses. There is no minimum or maximum number of award recipients.


Employers of all sizes, in the public and private sectors, for-profit and not-for-profit are eligible for the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility provided they meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of ten employees must currently work from or report to the eligible worksite. This does not include contract workers or consultants who are not reported to the IRS, but does include employees who travel frequently or work from home as long as they report back to the eligible worksite.
  • The organization must have been in operation in U.S. for at least one year.

2013 Benchmarking Report/Flex Assessment

All Sloan Awards applicants receive a free personalized benchmarking report in late December. This report includes tables with responses from your own employer’s application compared with the responses from other employer sample groups: all award applicants, all award winners and nationally representative data from FWI’s National Study of Employers.

If your worksite moves on to round 2 and completes the employee surveys, then your report will also include data from your employees in tables compared with the responses from other employee sample groups: all award finalists’ employees, all winners’ employees and nationally representative data from FWI’s National Study of the Changing Workforce.

These reports also include charts that compare the overall average scores for each flexibility category from your organization, all applicants and all winners. These charts are snapshots of how your organization compares within each type of flexibility and can easily be shared in presentations for your top leadership, recruiting materials or on your company website.

As stated above, the application period for 2013 Sloan Award is closed. For more information about the awards program or about When Work Works, email us at